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In , Spain became the 3rd country in the world to legalize gay marriage after Holland and Belgium. Spain then went on to introduce the right to change legal gender, then in allowed transgender people to register their preferred gender in public documents such as birth certificates, ID cards and passports without having to undergo any surgery. All the main cities in Spain have a vibrant gay scene , usually concentrated in a gay village or street. Almost all the cities in Spain have a Pride event , the most famous is, of course, Madrid Pride.

It is lauded for being one of the largest gay Pride events in the world especially in when it hosted WorldPride.

Our top 25 most gay friendly countries in the world 🏳️‍🌈

Spain has many other gay events happening throughout the year to look out for. In terms of museums, there's the world-famous Museo del Prado of Madrid and the Guggenheim in Bilbao. And then there's the food! From the world-famous paellas, tortillas, churos, gazpachos, jamons and our favourite, the tasty, juicy Spanish chorizo sausages.

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As a gay couple in Spain, we were in paradise! It is a destination pretty much made for us, with some of the best gay beaches in Europe , brilliant parties for everyone and a very openminded populace. Even in the more rural areas, we felt completely safe, which is quite rare for most countries further down in this list. Pedro Almodovar is probably the most famous gay Spanish celeb and one of the best directors in the world. His first few films in the s characterised the sense of liberal revolution and political freedom Spain was going through.

The first country in the world to legalize gay marriage , a place lauded for being a bedrock of tolerance and one of the most exciting gay travel destinations with a unique Pride event along the canals of Amsterdam. Homosexuality was legalized back in , but the big headline is that it became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage in ! In relation to transgender rights, the Netherlands is a bit more conservative. Whilst it introduced the right to change legal gender in , it only recognises a third gender option after a successful court petition.

You'll find the best of the Netherlands' gay scene in the capital city, Amsterdam , specifically in the Reguliersdwarsstraat gay village. Outside of Amsterdam, cities like Rotterdam have a handful of gay hangouts, but nothing on par with Amsterdam. Find out more in our detailed gay guide to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Pride is well known for being one of the most unique Pride events in the world because instead of taking place on the streets, a parade of floats proceeds through the city on boats along the famous canals. There are few places in the world where we feel comfortable walking in the streets holding hands outside of the gay village, and The Netherlands is one of them!

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When it comes to tolerance, openmindedness and equality, we found the Netherlands to be one of the most culturally liberal and diverse places in the world. It's certainly the most progressive country we've travelled to, which is why we love it! Travel highlights of the Netherlands include the canals of Amsterdam, along with the capital's art and cultural museums like the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gough Museum.

The UK will always have a special place in our hearts , especially Stefan's home city, London. London has one of the best gay scenes in the world with several gay villages spread all around the city.

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Outside of London, Brighton and Manchester are top gay destinations that we love. Between , the UK passed a comprehensive set of anti-discrimination laws, which included allowing LGBT persons to openly serve in the army. Northern Ireland subsequently followed in The UK has very progressive transgender laws, which includes the right to change legal gender since London alone has several, including Soho, Vauxhall and Clapham. Manchester and Brighton are often regarded as one of the best cities in the world for gay people to live , both with large LGBTQ communities and an exciting gay scene in Canal Street Manchester and a fabulous community concentrated in Kemptown Brighton.

The UK has the highest number of Pride events out of any country in the world , with almost every city leading their own event usually during the summer months. London Pride in early July is the largest, attracting 1. The London Pride was the most famous when it coincided with the year the city hosted the Olympic Games and also hosted WorldPride.

A country that has its own gay slogan ffs — need we say more?! Sweden also has more Pride festivals per-capita in Sweden than anywhere else in the world, including the largest Pride in the Nordic countries — Stockholm Pride. They introduced one of the most comprehensive sets of anti-discrimination laws in the s, which included laws against hate speech and allowing LGBT people to openly serve in the army. The right to change legal gender was also introduced in the s in Sweden. Gay marriage was passed in although gay unions have been recognised in Sweden since There are of course several gay bars and clubs, mainly in the big cities — Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, however nothing on par with other gay cities like Barcelona, Berlin or London.

There are no official gay villages or gay areas in any of the cities in Stockholm. This probably shows that Sweden is so gay friendly, that it does not need its own gay enclave. Stockholm Pride is the big one , which is also the largest Pride in the Nordic countries. Sweden prides itself on the fact that no Swede has to travel far for a Pride event, because there is one in almost every town and city!

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In , Malmo will be the place to be when it cohosts WorldPride with Copenhagen! From the famous Northern Lights in the winter months to the hidden alleyways in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden packs a punch! Visit Sweden is big on LGBTQ travel and invests a lot in promoting the country as a top gay destination, even hosting EuroPride in , and We felt totally safe in Sweden and comfortable holding hands in public in most places we visited.

Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest the massive unofficial annual gay European music festival. Germany has long been famous as being one of the gayest countries in the world especially because of the wide and diverse gay scene of Berlin. Unlike all the other European cities, which tend to have a rather limited scope for LGBTQ spaces, Berlin has a wide and diverse gay scene where everyone from the community can find refuge in. Whether you're a perky twink or a rough and ready leather daddy, there's something for you in Berlin! Germany passed a full set of anti-discrimination laws from , which included the right for LGBT persons to openly serve in the military, the right to change legal gender and laws preventing hate crimes based on gender or orientation.

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In , Germany legalized gay marriages, and more recently, in Germany formally recognised a third gender option. Most of the big cities of Germany have a terrific gay scene. We particularly love the exciting and vibrant gay nightlife of Berlin. We love it!

Since then, so many cities around the globe have adopted a similar model where the gay community can share a safe space and support local queer businesses. Berlin Pride is the largest gay event in Germany , attracting around 1 million people each year. Other touristic highlights include the Cologne Cathedral, the Black Forest in southwest Germany and the super picturesque Neuschwanstein Castle. Anything goes in Berlin and you can have as much fun here as you want to, no limits!

It goes without saying that we felt very comfortable with PDAs in Berlin and the other big cities we visited in Germany. Berlin had the first gay village ever? Over the last decade, Australia has grown more and more fabulous , with some of the most progressive LGBTQ laws in the world, lots of gay havens…and we already mentioned Mardi Gras, right? Back in , the Australians were asked to vote on marriage equality and their response was a big resounding YES.

Australia legalized homosexuality in and passed a comprehensive set of anti-discrimination laws in Gay marriage was legalized in and LGBT people have been allowed to serve openly in the military since Australia also has very progressive transgender laws, which includes the right to change legal gender since and has formally recognised a third gender option since As such Sydney has one of the most exciting gay scenes in the world including the Obelisk gay beach.

It takes place in late February, attracting thousands of people from all around the world, with headliners such as Cher, Kylie, George Michael and Sam Smith. Other touristic highlights for gay travellers to Australia beyond Mardi Gras of course! Australia is soooo gay that it even secured itself a spot in the annual Eurovision Songcontest. Check out the Eurovision website for the reason behind this quirky decision, which whether or not you agree with it, we LOVE it and warmly welcome them into our big gay European arms!

Taiwan is one place in the world we felt super comfortable and welcome as a gay couple wherever we went. In , it famously became the first and to date, only! Taiwan legalized homosexuality in… oh it was never illegal! From , Taiwan began to introduce anti-discrimination laws beginning with the right for LGB people ie not transgender people to openly serve in the military. Despite the army ban for transgender people, Taiwan has introduced comprehensive laws relating to hate crimes, indirect discrimination and more.

Taiwan is most famous for becoming the first place in Asia to legalize gay marriage in Taiwan is also positioning itself to become a transgender haven by introducing a third gender option on all ID documents in late Ximen in Taipei is the main gay scene with loads of gay bars clustered together.

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There are more gay places dotted around the city but the bulk is around Ximen's gay neighborhood. Other cities in Taiwan have a few gay scenes, but nothing on par with Ximen.